Event Report Cards

Now this could be a contentious page that get’s me into trouble – but c’est la vie if that’s the case.  Often I get asked about certain events and whether I would recommend signing up – so this page will present a report card for events I’ve participated in and my thoughts on them.


A caveat or two before sharing the report cards

  • What I look for in an event maybe quite different to you, so consider this as feedback, you need to make up your own mind.
  • Events change from year to year so there are no guarantees that you will get the same as me.
  • You only get out of an event what you put in 😉

Progressively I will add the Report Cards so come back and check regularly or be sure to subscribe to get updates.

The assessment criteria applied to each event is scored out of 10 and is as follows:

  • Ease of Registration
  • Quality of Pre-race Information
  • Race Community Interaction
  • Race Kit Contents & Collection
  • Expo
  • Course markings/guidance
  • Marshalls / Volunteers
  • Course Difficulty
  • Course Views
  • Hydration / Nutrition
  • Accessibility
  • Finish line atmosphere
  • Participant Medal
  • Race Shirt
  • Race Timing and Reporting
  • Organisation
  • Race Photography
  • Value for Money
  • OVERALL SCORE – being the average of the other scores

I hope you find it helpful.

Happy Running!!

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