Mullum Mullum Creek Trail

This morning was a perfect morning for running – no rain, reasonably cool without being cold.  Missy the Golden Retriever and I took off to the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail which is fantastic run beside a creek through parkland.  Check out the photos below:


As I mentioned in my last post, today was 6 x 500m runs at speed with a 1 minute standing rest.  Well considering I was running with Missy, the standing rest was hardly going to happen now was it!  We strolled between intervals and then had a casual walk back to the car at the end.

My time was going to be ok, but with Missy wanting to say “Hello” to every single person out for a walk AND shove her nose up every dog’s butt that she saw it was a bit of challenge.  Even with these distractions I knocked over the 3km in 13:09 minutes which was ok – but a bit slower than what I would have liked.  But again, no injuries – woohoo!

The Mullum Mullum Creek Trail is a great run – running on gravel or Lilydale topping tracks which makes it softer underfoot and easy on the legs.  There are always plenty of people out and about walking, bike riding and taking their dogs for a walk.  One thing I did see today was a couple of ladies walking on the trail and pushing a stroller.  As we got close Missy jumped towards the stroller, which was odd behaviour for her.  And then I noticed they had a little terrier in the stroller… Yes – a dog in the stroller!

Now this has to be taking a dog for a walk to whole a new level!  Even Missy looked at me as if to say “Did you see that???”

Details of the run as recorded by Endomondo provided below fyi:

Once again, no music today – interval running and monitoring time while controlling the dog – is just too many distractions!

Tomorrow is a day off – so not planning to go to the gym or run.  Friday is 6 x 2minutes at speed with a 1 minute standing rest.  Big run on Sunday for 1hr 45minutes.  If you would like information on the training programs you will find them at the GC Marathon website

If you know of any good runs that I should be checking out let me know.


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