Running in the rain

Today’s run was (thankfully) not as long as Sunday’s training run.  The 20 week intermediate training program for the Gold Coast Marathon indicated today was supposed to be intervals 6 x 500m with a 1 minute Standing Rest in between.  But considering I was still a little sore from the weekend, I brought Wednesday’s longer run forward, and put the intervals back by a day.

So far injury free and enjoying the runs … but not the hills!

While it wasn’t hot this morning – it was certainly wet!  Even the spray jacket was not good at keeping me dry.  The other problem with running in the (besides wet feet, wet clothes and sweat and water getting your eyes) is waterlogged earphones  – hazards of listening to music while you run.

So far the Sennheiser running earphones I picked up middle of last year are doing the job.  Unfortunately, my 3 year old Philips set have packed it in.

The program was for a 40 minute run which resulted in a 7.32km run.  The aim at the moment is to average 5min 30sec kilometres which is my target speed for the whole marathon.  Interested in what the run looks like, you can check it out on

Endomondo  –>

Running in the old runners today.  By my calculation I think I’m at about 650+ kms in them which means they are near the end of their running life.  Last pair I got out to well over 800kms and the physio suggested this had something to do with the calf and ITB, or illiotibial band, issues I was having.

In general if your runners have clocked up more than 650kms you should probably be thinking about upgrading.  There is no fixed formula as it depends your weight, your build, running style and the type of shoes you have.

Awesome playlist today – was tough to pick my top 5 songs but here they are:

La Grange – by ZZ Top… this by the way is the best running song of all time!!  Challenges accepted!
Rising Sun – by Cold Chisel
Black Betty – by Spiderbait  … I know, it’s not the original but great to run to.
Why Can’t I be With You – by The Cure
You Shook Me All Night Long – by ACDC

I will post up all my favourite running songs on the Running Playlist page so check it out and feel free to add your own.

Intervals tomorrow – 6 x 500m.  I’m sure Missy the Golden Retriever will enjoy them a lot more than me!

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