This morning I woke to hear the news that probably the most iconic of endurance races the Boston Marathon had been terrorised by unknown persons.

I don’t need to recount the news, I’m sure you, like me have been bombarded with violent, distressing and brutal images.  Moved by stories of those who were unfortunate to be caught in the eye of the storm, and of the horrendous loss of lives, limbs and liberty.

My favourite blogger posted her own experience from this brutal and senseless attack.  See the link below if you want to get a sense of what is was like at the finish line when the bomb went off:


I’m not an overly political person, nor by any means a religious one.  I believe in causes, but I believe more in live and let live.  Maybe that is why I cannot understand what has happened, and why it happened.  No one yet knows just what motivated those responsible to attack innocent people and drive fear into those who watched in disbelief…. However, there can be no cause that can ever justify their actions.

The selfless and heroic actions of those near to the explosions today, running headlong into the fray to help those in need showed the very best of the human race …. Unfortunately it was the very worst behaviours of the human race that caused this to occur.

Just this week I was reading up on the Boston Marathon marveling at its history and trying to work out if I would ever be able to run a marathon fast enough to qualify.  As the years tick by, I get slower and I think I’m at best a 50/50 chance of being able to qualify (ok 30/70 chance) so I was beginning to think my chance had passed me by..…   But now I want to qualify more than ever.

I know this historic and iconic event will continue.

I’ve seen the resilience of the human spirit to not bow down to those who would have us live in fear.

Runners are a great community and I expect that enmasse they will rally together to support those who have been hurt or suffered loss from today’s events.  They will sign up in numbers bigger than before to demonstrate that no matter how violent and horrendous those who want to destroy our way of living behave, it won’t work.

Hopefully I can be there to support them.  I hope you do to.

My heart goes out to all those impacted by this senseless tragedy.

Run strong, stay safe.

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