Why do I run?

If you are a runner, and more specifically an endurance runner, you are probably asked on a regular basis “Why?”

Running marathons or ultra-marathons is something many people would regard as inviting as poking yourself in the eye with a fork.  Start telling someone about the hours of training, the early morning rises, the sacrifices made in diet, the injuries, the pain and the investment in runners and gear required to be pursue this vocation and they usually just shake their head in disbelief and assume that you are just weird or insane.

In some cases this maybe the case, but in most it is not.

But it is an interesting question and when I’m asked I usually find myself talking about testing my limits and seeing how far I can push myself.  I also say that I think I maybe addicted to the infamous “runner’s high” I get from positive endorphins coursing through my body.

And these are most certainly things that I think are part of what drives me to run.  On reflection thought there is a lot more and maybe the other reasons are less likely to be shared with non-runners in general conversation.  As the reasons beyond this might sound a little “out there” or like a bit of a wank.

So at the risk of being a little too “out there”, this is why I run:


Sometimes I run because if feels good,

And sometimes I run because it hurts.

Sometimes I run to remember,

And sometimes I run to forget.

Sometimes I’m running to something,

And sometimes I’m running away.

Sometimes I run to think,

And sometimes I run so I don’t think.

Sometimes I run for others,

And sometimes I run for me.

Sometimes I run to lose myself,

And sometimes I run to find myself.

Sometimes I run to feel better about me,

And sometimes I run to be a better me.

Sometimes I run to be with people,

And sometimes I run to be alone.

Sometimes I run because I can,

And sometimes I run because I know there will be a time when I can’t.

Running can be a cruel mistress,

And running can be a comforting friend.

There are many reasons I run.

What makes you run?


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