Before, During and After a Race

Since my post I have had two outings, one was intervals and the other a steady one hour run.  With the Puffing Billy race this Sunday I’m nursing my body through to the race.

For those of you who follow my blog regularly you will know that our Golden Retriever who has a real OCD issue, Missy, is an occasional running partner – especially when I’m running intervals.

On this particular running day Missy and I ran 6 x 500 metre runs at speed with a 1 minute standing rest.  On this day she was pretty well behaved and as we were running around an oval (pretty boring) I brought her tennis ball along for extra exercise after the run.

I took a photo of Missy before I started throwing the ball for her to chase down and retrieve.  Fresh, Keen, Composed and desperate to start playing– I remember that look when seeing runners just before the start of a race.

Throw the ball!!!

Then the joy off chasing the ball with unabashed enthusiasm and energy – exactly the same as runners entering the early stages of a race.


About 30 minutes later of Missy chasing the ball and me hurling it into the distance she looked somewhat less composed, certainly not fresh and well – exhausted…. Pretty much how I’ve seen many runners look and feel after a hard race (me being one of them) 🙂

Seriously, I'm good - throw it again!

The three stages of a race as demonstrated by a Golden Retriever.

I haven’t bothered with the link to the intervals run around the oval (me and the dog going around in circles).  But it was 3kms and a shade over 13 minutes.  Today’s run was just over 11.5 kms in a little more than 1 our and 3 minutes – you can check out the run at the link below.

The Gold Coast Marathon is looming fast and it looks like there will be a huge turnout again.  Information about the event can be found at

Fundraising for Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria is going well and we are almost half way to the target with 9 weeks left to go.  The support and encouragement has been fantastic and I’m very thankful.  Some exciting news hopefully to come in future posts.

Time to sign off, but before I do, my next installment on “What runners don’t tell you about running..” will be in my next post.

Also, my top 5 running songs from my playlist from the last two runs are:

Rip Tide – by Sick Puppies
Generator – by Foo Fighters
Dude Looks Like A Lady – by Aerosmith
Day Tripper – by The Beatles
Darling It Hurts – by Paul Kelly

Happy Running!!

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