My intervals training partner

GC Marathon prep continues. Was out again for an early morning run in the rain – intervals today (ugh!) but I had a good running partner this morning (see the photo of us together), although wet again!!

She would love to come on longer runs but she would drive me nuts!  She wants to play with everyone she sees and with so many interesting smells on the run I’m sure my shoulder would be dislocated as she stopped and I kept going.  Not to mention that her zig zag running style is a freaking nightmare to dodge.

With intervals being speed, she hasn’t got enough time to get distracted.  Here is the run from endomondo – paused between each minute and a slow walk in between sprints.  We had a good walk back when the running was done.

The run –>

Also, thanks for the calls, emails and pledges of support for the fundraising for Alzheimer’s Association Victoria – one donation has already landed (thx Joe!) at – Very much appreciated!

No playlists today – needed to concentrate on managing my running partner!!

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2 Responses to My intervals training partner

  1. Anna says:

    That zigzag running pattern makes me nervous! I’m sure I’m going to go flying over my dog one of these days. I haven’t considered bringing my lab on interval days but you seem to have a point about going fast minimizing distractions….maybe I’ll try it!

    • gpontherun says:

      Haha – yes I’m afraid dogs on a mission lack spatial awareness! Good luck with the intervals running with your lab – I have found that my retriever enjoys it and defintely doesn’t try to stop and sniff around as much. Although, the standing rest confuses the hell out of her – she can’t work out why we have stopped.

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