Sunday morning run

Not too early a start today, but always a bit tougher to get going on a Sunday morning.

Today’s schedule was a 1hr 45min run at a relaxed pace. I estimated around 17km and picked the route that should see me finish pretty close.

Also, I just got my new Asic Gel Kayano’s and was keen to test them out. Check them out below, another fine purchase from 🙂

My previous pair were also Asic Gel 3020 and before that 3010.  As I’ve been having a few feet issues decided to give the Kayanos a go – one run down, pretty good.  I’ve found Asics runners are the best for my feet – but it’s always a personal choice.

Now today’s run was ok – it’s been raining heavy here for the last few days so any running off the roads was likely to be a bit soft under foot which isn’t a bad thing.  Where I live is ridiculously hilly – and I hate hills!  But, that said, hills are great for building strength and are the perfect preparation for Puffing Billy in May.

Here’s a link for the run from Endomondo, which I use to track all my runs.  17km in 1hr 40min which was ok – by no means a land speed record, but it’s almost a third of the marathon so reasonably happy to have the distance under my belt and in my legs!

The run –>

Thanks to Endomondo I know I have burned off 90,797 calories and 168 burgers – they should probably be telling me how many chocolate bars and how many beers…

Following each run I have around 15-20 minutes of stretching to warm down and work out some lactic acid.  After a long run, I take a short swim – 15-20 minutes which is always helpful – although it was freaking cold in the water this morning!  In winter after running 3 hour runs I don’t so much swim but wade in the icy salt water to aid recovery – it hurts, but it works.

Tomorrow is a rest day, which means gym with either rowing, cycle or cross train and some weights.  Still have around 4 kgs to lose before the race so need to work just a little harder between runs.

Any tips on how to enjoy running hills most appreciated!

I find music when I run extremely helpful for maintaining a steady pace and to block out the sound of my laboured breathing.  My top 5 running songs from today’s running playlist are:

Fall Back Down – by Rancid
Fire Starter – by Voodoo People
Panama – by Van Halen
A Little Less Conversation – Elvis vs JXL
Breadfan – by Metallica

Now don’t judge me by my playlists, my tastes are varied and when running it’s more about the beat… so you will see some “interesting” and diverse songs gracing my playlists.

Any new music you can suggest for running to always gratefully accepted.

Thanks and keep running!!

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