Benefits of new running trails

Although it’s been a while since my last post, the training has continued.  Two months to go until the Gold Coast Marathon, but only a few weeks until the race against the train – when Puffing Graham meets Puffing Billy!

I was very lucky to have some time away with the family down in the Mornington Peninsula over the Easter break.  This meant running on new trails, sea air and fantastic views.

The new scenery and different types of running trails reminded me how important it is to mix up where you run and the style of runs to keep things interesting and fun.  Not to mention help avoid repetition injuries.

Running the same trails can be a little mind numbing and although it can be difficult to make the time to get to new trails – the benefits are significant.  I have found that my run’s are a little quicker and that I don’t notice fatigue as much.  Probably because I’m not sure what lies ahead so my mind isn’t pre-empting it.

I’m sure you have had those kind of thoughts before – such as dreading that steep hill you know is just ahead, or thinking “I’m not even half way yet!” etc etc… A new running location is a bit of an adventure!

Although I must admit to getting lost at about the 20km mark of a 2hour 20minute run that had me scrambling up steep sand hills and in and out of brush and tea trees.  I eventually abandoned this approach and jumped over a fence into a caravan park to rejoin the trail.

Apologies to the pair of old couples sitting down to a quiet morning breakfast outside their caravan.  Me jumping over the fence behind them and landing with a thud and then tearing off to find the running trail seemed to scare the absolute bejeezus out of them.

And what a view – the Easter moon still in the sky as the sun was rising – makes getting up early all worthwhile.

And then two days later out for a 3km jog before a 3km speed trial and  seeing the sun come up – even though it was cold and wet when I hit the trails.

Since my last post the program has included distance, speed trials and comfortable runs.

Apr 6 – 9.55km in 53 minutes plus – running at a comfortable speed.
Apr 8 – 25.52km in 2hrs and 20 minutes
Apr 10 – Steady 3km run followed by a 3km speed trial

And this morning a 9.56km run in 52 minutes….

and most importantly – no injuries to date – woohoo!… as I frantically touch wood and cross fingers…

The links to each run are provided above for those interested in having a look.

In addition to new locations to keep things interesting I have had to upgrade the running playlist as I know the current one too well.  Rather than replace I’m just adding to the list and I will refine it down to a smaller list for the big race.  Currently my running playlist is 365 songs – nearly enough variety.

Given I have had four runs since my last post I have decided to provide  my Top Ten Running Songs from my playlist for this post.  They are:

Power and the Passion – by Midnight Oil
Follow You Down – by Gin Blossoms
Turn off the Light – by Nelly Furtado
Shout to the Top – by The Style Council
Turn – by Bob Evans
Steal My Kisses – by Ben Harper
Uncle Harry – by The Living End
Welcome To The Jungle – by Guns N Roses
Down – by Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne
Semi-charmed Life – by Third Eye Blind

Next post – my top 80’s running songs!  Feel free to nominate 🙂 … And don’t pretend you don’t remember the 80’s!

So if you’re finding it hard to get motivated for those early morning runs or tired of trudging down the same old track – try a change of  scenery to inject some fun and interest into your next run…. Oh and maybe some new running songs too.

Happy running!

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2 Responses to Benefits of new running trails

  1. runningfarce says:

    Great pictures! It definitely boosts moral to find new places to run and getting lost almost helps me when I’m running because I’m focused more on how to find my way out than being tired! I always like finding blogs of people running for a cause – keep up the good work!

  2. gpontherun says:

    Thanks for the feedback! I think you’re right – when you are lost it does make you forget about being tired! Just wouldn’t want to get lost in the middle of a race 🙂

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