Fueling the Engine

Orginally posted at http://www.thememoryjogger.com.au/fueling-the-engine/  26 Nov 14

With a pretty busy schedule at work at the moment it’s been hard to squeeze any longish runs in during the week.  Preparing for a trip overseas, managing the day to day at work and juggling a few other balls at the same time has meant that training time as been compromised.

Today I hit my standard 5km circuit near home. It has a few hills to test the legs and doesn’t cross any roads that will cause undue delays. Normally it’s a good run to take Missy and Bella on as it’s in Missy’s range before she starts to tire. Not a startling quick time but a reasonable hit out to get the motor running for the day.

It’s always a challenge balancing training, work, home life and any other activities that are happening.  Personally I seem to be struggling more than usual.  I’m behind in my studies for my PT course and have been delinquent in getting all my fundraising activities happening.  No matter how hard I work, there’s always more to be done.

That said – no use complaining. Plenty others in worse situations than mine who seem to manage ok.  And when it all boils down, all of my busyness is pretty much of my own doing.  I think I just need to be a little more judicious in how I allocate my time so as not to waste any.

One thing I have done is to start testing the freeze-dried food I am planning to take with me on MDS.  The initial thought is that it will taste like garbage and I’ll all but starve as I trek across the desert burning up calories at a ridiculous speed every day.  Pleased to say that I don’t think this will be the case!

Nutrition and hydration are the keys to making it through any endurance event.  All the training in the world can leave you short if you fail to plan your calorie intake correctly.  For MDS – the organisers are very, very specific on the minimum requirements.   I know I’ll drop a few kilograms across the journey but that’s to be expected.  However, being unable to fuel my body adequately could be catastrophic.

To my surprise, the meals taste really good. I’ve decided to try the range from Back Country Cuisine from New Zealand.  I bought a vegetarian selection from the range to try that includes Vegetarian Stirfry; Chana Masala; and Nasi Goreng.  So far haven’t hit a bad one – although the Chana Masala was a little on the spicy/hot side – so may give it a rest.

BC_NASI_GORENG_1serveWhen I’m on an endurance event I consume so much sweet stuff to provide energy, all I want at end of the event is something savoury and salty to eat. I’m yet to try out the flameless heater packs but hoping they work as well as they say (and that I can take them into Morocco).  Best thing about these meals – they weigh only 90 grams each :)

Still need to sort out my running snacks and other nutritional requirements, but I’m feeling like I’ve got the main meals just about sorted!

Bon appétit and Happy Running!

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