How to be an Annoying Runner … and a training update

I saw the video at the end of this post on Youtube and not only did I get a good laugh, but it also got me thinking about the traits that I think make an “annoying runner”.

Now most runners I know are awesome people in general, but there are a few traits or characteristics of runners that annoy me.   Before you go on, please take this list with  a grain of salt as I am guilty as charged on some of these – and consider this list being told to you by me with tongue firmly in cheek!  😉

I normally notice these runners during a race.  The last run I did I was running beside a guy when all of a sudden he started with the most horrendous loud guttural grunting noise I had ever heard.  I thought he had become possessed and was half expecting his head to do a 360 degree turn and send projectile green vomit into the air.  But no, he was having FUN….. running… didn’t sound like it!

Seriously, if it hurts that much, I’m not sure it’s worth it.

Inconsistent Speed
More annoying on race day than on a training are those runners who you pass, only to be passed by them a few minutes later, and then you pass again while you are keeping a steady pace.  Unless you are running intervals (or fartleks) or practising surges why do it?  And to the runners who walk up hills and run down them – you’re cheating!!

Race running slowly in the passing lane/space or at the starting line
Now I’m not the fastest runner in the world, this I know.  So I select my starting position in line with my projected finish time.  I do my best to follow race etiquette and not run to the far right as this is for the faster runners to overtake unimpeded.

But it amazes me, despite the valiant efforts of race organisers, that slow runners still put themselves in the wrong starting zone for their speed; jog along oblivious in the passing area; or decide  the start of the race is the perfect time to run 4 or 5 abreast with other like-minded runners and have a chat about what they did the last weekend.  People – it’s a race – focus!

Injuries are part and parcel of any sport and running is no different.  The longer the distance or time, the more likely their will be injuries.  We all get them and they all hurt but there’s no worse conversation to get in the middle of than two runners comparing injuries!  Btw, did I tell you I  had a sore calf?

Poor aim
Now we all know that running can create bodily fluid challenges particularly in the mucus and saliva area and it is not unusual that a runner will need to expel such fluids from their body.  But if you are going to let fly with a loogie, snot rocket or straight out spit make sure you aren’t going to collect a fellow runner.   Yuch!

The runners who see the drink station and make a bee line for it without thinking about who’s around them then stop cold to have their drink.  Nothing like a collision at the drink station to seem some runner road rage!

All that said, runners are pretty cool and mostly very considerate of their running brethren.  What traits do you find annoying in some runners?  Now check out the video below and see if you recognise any of the behaviours 🙂

I must  admit, it’s always nice to meet another runner when you are at a conference or at a party sharing tips and learning about new running trails.  I recently met another running blogger at a conference who I think was equally as obsessed as me.  A big shoutout to Julie and  please check out her blog which is a very cool site:

Now, a Training Update

An interrupted training week due to work commitments but I got a soggy run at the start of the week (and it was cold!) but a really nice hit out.

Sunday was my longest run since last year’s marathon. With this in mind I decided I would head into the trails along the Yarra River to avoid the hills.  A good mate of mine Justin gave me some instructions on a good long out and back trail.  The problem was I hit a fork in the trail….. and which trail do you think I chose???

You got it!  The wrong one.  Not a big deal as I was less than an hour into a 3 hour run so I just replanned my route – only to find the trail I had chosen was closed for renovation.  I took a detour and found myself running along a very skinny trail through bushland – which was lovely… until – I ran out of trail and the only way out was up!

So my decision to avoid any hills led me to a rocky hill that was so steep it was like running up a step-ladder!  Cursing Justin I climbed the hill and then meandered around looking for a way to get back to a trail…. then I saw another runner about 400m ahead.  Taking off after him I thought he would lead me to a proper running trail…. BUBOW! No he didn’t – I lost him in scrubland.

Eventually I found a familiar road and made my way back into town and joined back into familiar surrounds past the MCG, back along the Yarra River and to Docklands, before returning to finish with a lap of the Tan.  All up, 33kms in just over 3hrs and 2mins… so on track for a sub 4hour marathon in 6 weeks.  The run with all my loops and double backs for you to laugh at is linked below.

Six weeks to go and the training is going ok.  My Mum is now fully aware of the fundraising efforts due to the newspaper in my old home town publishing a piece about it.  The Gold Coast Events people have been super helpful and gone out of their way to help by putting out a media release to the local media both near my home and my old home town where Mum still lives.

She seems pretty happy about it and now her and the Old Man feel they need to sponsor me! It’s good to get some exposure for Alzheimer’s Australia Vic and the Fight Dementia campaign and with six weeks to go I still think we can hit the target funds!!

Will post some of the media bits and pieces in my next post, (This one has already gone over what I had planned).

Now finally, my Top 5 Running Songs from my Playlist for the last couple of runs:

Lifestyles of the Rich & The Famous – by Good Charlotte ( I think this is because Joel Madden appears everywhere thanks to The Voice)
The Last Train to Clarksville – by The Monkees
Hurry Up Sunrise – by North Mississippi Allstars
Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good – by Nickelback
Hold Me Tight – by Cold Chisel.

Happy Running!!

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