Cool running…

You may recall on a recent post ( ) I was struggling with getting myself up to face the cold for a 3 hour run.  This was my last big run leading up to the GC Marathon as I have been tapering down since.

Funny thing was, the first song to come on from my Running Playlist was “Hurry Up Sunrise” by the North Mississippi Allstars … kind of appropriate, huh?  Given the cold, dark and impending rain I was desperately hoping to see some sun.

The run was ok but so cold that when I got home I was purple! That being said I found some new trails and went exploring…. OK, so I got lost.  But I found my way home!  However, for a while I was thinking I might be calling the boys to come and collect me – cold, wet and tired – lucky for me there was no need.

My normal run down Mullum Mullum Creek trail then onto Eastlink was starting to become a little predictable, so I took an alternate route along the Dandenong Creek Trail.  Did you know there are paddocks and cows in the back of Knox?? Who’d of thunk it!  As the following photo shows, it was a cold and foggy morning but a really pretty run.

Cold and foggy Dandenong Creek Trail

And once again my early morning run had me out and about before the sun poked its head up and I got to see another fantastic sunrise.

Sunrise from Dandenong Creek Trail

But, it was the coldest I have ever been on a run which I thought was unusual –  shouldn’t I be roasting hot and exhausted?? By the time I had run 34+ kms over 3 hours and 13 minutes I was not expecting to be so cold I was shivering.  It was a bit windy and with wet dry tech shirts it seemed to cut straight through me.  Thank God the Gold Coast will be warmer!!

My normal routine of wading in the icy cold pool after a long run was more difficult than normal given the cold weather… but I know it helps recovery – so it’s grit the teeth, suck it up and get in.

Recently I have been having calf problems and my physio has indicated this is being caused by not icing or stretching specific muscles after long runs… Has confirmed in my mind that the wading in icy cold salt water after a long run is a huge benefit!

About the run – you can check it out on Endomondo via the following link:

Since that run I have had a few runs and also been doing some high altitude training at Bodyology in Notting Hill.  Will update more about this training and my run down in Tasmania in the new few posts – not to mention the visit to the Mona museum, sight seeing, wine tasting and eating… yeah I know – doesn’t sound like Marathon training does it!  But I did get a good 28km+ run under my belt in Tassie to off-set the indulgence 😉  But that’s for another post.

As you know I am running the Gold Coast Marathon to raise money for Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria and the fundraising is going well!  The Manningham Leader newspaper heard about it and interviewed me as well as taking photos of me running down at Mullum Mullum Creek trail for the article … if it makes to print I’ll be sure to share… maybe!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the fundraising please have a look at the About My Blog section (   ) to find out more and link you through to other sits – and thanks again to all of you who have supported me and provided so much encouragement.

Poor Missy (the Golden Retriever with OCD) has not been joining me on the runs as the distance is just too long for her…. but I don’t think she minds too much, what do you think?

It's a tough life!

Now, before I sign off my top 5 running songs from my Playlist in the last two weeks.

Hurry Up Sunrise – by  North Mississippi Allstars
Original Fire – by Audioslave
This Ain’t A Love Song – by Scouting for Girls
PS I Love You – by The All American Rejects
Nothing Left To Lose – by Puddle of Mudd

Let me know if you have any new songs or if you are joining the fun at the GC Marathon!

Happy Running!

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