Get up!

It’s 6:30am Sunday morning.  It’s dark outside.  It’s very cold. And I’m getting up to go for a 3 hour run…. Am I an idiot?  Most probably, but this is the last really long run before the GC Marathon so I guess I should be looking forward to it.. well at least finishing it.  Next week back down to 2 hours 30 minutes for the big run. Woohoo!

The alarm went off at 5:30am so I could get some food into me and digested before hitting the cold morning air and running trails.  Breakfast consists of a big glass of OJ, two pieces wholemeal toast (no butter) one with jam the other vegemite.  Back to bed (where it’s warm) with a cup of green tea for a half hour or so.

Camelbak is packed and ready to go.  1 litre water, a fruit Pulp Pack and a couple of gels (just in case!).

Now writing this post is just delaying the inevitable.  Time to get up, down a big glass of water and get going.   Brrrrrr!!  I hope it’s a nice sunrise 🙂

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