On your bike..

With aspirations to complete a triathlon in the very near future I have begun expanding my training to incorporate both bike riding and swimming.  In fact, once a week I’ve been getting swimming lessons/coaching and on the weekends I have been hauling out my mountain bike for a few kms.

Whilst I like my mountain bike, I’ve quickly discovered that a road bike or TT bike is what I’m going to need if I’m going to lift my times and ride for any significant distance.  Over the next few weeks I will sort this out and look forward to increasing my distances.  For all those road bike riders pumping past me up hills – not for long!!!

My swimming has been more about focusing on technique and getting my breathing right.  Even though I have my life saving certificate my swimming style is far from ideal and I find myself dragging my body through the water.  Each week I notice a bit of an improvement and after 10 weeks of coaching I’m hoping I will have mastered technique sufficiently to enable me to manage my own coaching and move into endurance swims.

Since my my last post I’ve been conferencing/working in Sydney.  Not ideal for managing a structured training program but I did fit in one run (check out the view below), some gym work and had a light run on Saturday back in Melbourne.  While there is plenty not to like about Sydney 😮 there’s no denying it has some spectacular sites!

On Sunday I managed to squeeze in a 42km+ ride in horrendous winds on the mountain bike.  Not a lot of fun but a good work out!

Next week is the Yarra Valley Grape Run – a 30km run from in the scenic Yarra Valley wine district (also hills!).  Should be fun with Justin, Shelly, Laura all signed up for the 30km and Kerry and Sam signed up for the 13km.

Last note on the Fundraising

It’s been a while since the GC Marathon and the fundraising for Alzheimer’s Australia Vic.  In total over $3,000 was raised.

On the weekend Diane and I trekked to Benalla to see my folks and we took the opportunity to update Mum on the fundraising efforts while we caught up and checked in on her.

She was pleased to hear it all went well and even put on the finisher’s medal for a quick happy snap (see below).

So for all of you that supported me with donations, encouragement, advice and friendship – a big thanks from me, Mum and the team at Alzheimer’s Australia Vic.

Next challenges

With the Yarra Valley run less than a week away I am still undecided on the Melbourne Marathon in October.  Part of me is dead keen to run my home town marathon but I want to be sure I’m fit enough to tackle it… after Saturday’s run I’ll see how I pull up and if ok – I think I will sign up 🙂

The next really BIG challenge is in the final stages of planning.  More next post when hopefully Diane and I have booked it in.

Finally, my top running song for this week:

“Follow you Down” – by the Gin Blossoms.

Happy Running!!!

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