Surviving the Diet – Day 2

Woohoo!  Day 2 of the diet and I’ve dropped just over 1 kg since yesterday!

I’m guessing this is mainly water, but I’m banking it anyway 🙂

Surprisingly, I didn’t wake feeling overly hungry and slept ok.  I was imagining a restless night with reruns of Masterchef going through my head dreaming about food – but not the case.

Given I am in training I needed to head out for a morning run to get some kms in the legs and increase my cardio fitness.  Only a 5km outing as I am playing tennis with the boys from “C’mon” (our tennis team) tonight as part of the winter competition.

Part of me was thinking that keeping to a strict diet and training would be a great way to accelerate weight loss, but the sensible side of me knows the importance of nutrition in training.  So the morning juice needed to be a little higher in energy as did my total intake for the day which guided my plan.

Day Two

As with any of my juices I aim to use fresh produce but supplement with prepackaged frozen produce when fresh isn’t available.

I would recommend to reduce the work of preparing the juice, and make it as palatable as possible, storing fruit in the fridge.   Prepare some fruit and freeze it for convenience – especially fruit like bananas, pineapple and berries.

With some of the vegetables that require preparation (carrots, celery, cucumber and the like) I’ll chop them in advance and store a few days worth in the fridge so they can be slammed into the Nutri-bullet for quick juicing.

  • IMG_7508

    my morning juice 🙂

    500 ml water

  • Morning Juice
    • 1 x Banana
    • 1 x handful frozen organic Blueberries
    • 1 x handful sliced Celery
    • 1 x Orange peeled
    • 1 x handful baby Spinach
    • 3-5 Basil leaves
    • 1 x slice of Pineapple
    • filtered water

I had two thirds of the juice pre-run and then headed out.  It was a very chilly winter morning and quite dark (see my picture taken at the start of the run at the top of this post). Whist I wasn’t pushing hard on the run, I did feel a little flat and suspected that the diet was having a negative impact on my energy levels – something to watch as I build to a bigger run on the weekend.

Back in the house with a nice little run behind me I rehydrated with water, finished off my juice and had a coffee – ready to tackle the day ahead!

  • Espresso coffee
  • 500 ml water

After a shower, I did a little self analysis.  How was I feeling? Am I hungry? Am I tired?

Hungry?  A little, bit – but not famished, so I figured that was a good sign.

Feeling?  Generally pretty good, although maybe a little light headed or like I needed a nap.  Coming off a bad cold, I suspected that was a contributing factor.

My concentration levels were good and I wasn’t having any food cravings. Yay!  🙂

By late morning I was starting to get a bit peckish.  So morning tea I decided to add a little more to my nutrition to get me through to lunch.

  • Espresso coffee
  • 500 ml water
  • 200g of white grapes

The snack did the job!  I had already decided I needed to have something substantial for lunch with a reasonably active day planned and decided that soup and maybe a juice before tennis would be the plan.  For my soup, I cheated by buying a pre-packaged Corn with Split Peas soup – which was around 135 calories.

  • 250g Soupespresso
  • 500 ml water
  • Espresso coffee (it’s the last one for the day … really)

As the day wore on I did notice that I was hungrier than normal.  Not to the point of distraction or discomfort, but definitely noticing the impact of less nutrition.  In the afternoon I had another small snack with my Matcha tea.

  • 1 x Celery stick
  • Cup of Matcha tea

If you haven’t discovered Matcha tea – check it out.  Not only is it high in antioxidants, it is reported to contain a compound that has been studied by the scientific community as a potential fighter of obesity by regulating and sustaining hunger levels.  Add to this claimed benefits of potentially regulating cancerous cell growth, angiogenesis, and metastasis.  AND it is purported to aid in focus and clarity, increase alpha wave activity in the brain, as well as show improvements in episodic and working memory.


Matcha Power!

Before dinner we took the dogs for a short 20 minute walk in the glorious winter sunshine which they loved!  Nice to get away from the work desk for a while too 😉

For dinner – more of my ready made soup followed by a small Juice for a little bit of extra energy to get me through a night of tennis.  I know it’s not Wimbledon or Roland Garos – but I still need to head out with the right prep!

  • 250g Vegetable Soup
  • Dinner Juice
    • 1 x Pear
    • 1 x slice of Pineapple
    • 1 x slice of Cantaloupe / Rock Melon
    • 1/4 Lime
    • 1/4 Lemon
    • 1 x small handful frozen organic Blueberries
    • 1 x small handful of Kale (stems removed)
    • 1 x small handful of white Grapes
  • 500 ml filtered water

While playing tennis I consume around 600ml to a litre or water depending on how hot it is.  Normally after a night of tennis we relax and socialise over a couple of beers and pizza.  I’ll be missing out tonight – my post game supper will be more about recovery and rehydration as my shown below.

  • 510ml can of organic pure Coconut Water
  • 1 x Banana

The big question is, “Will I be able to resist pizza and beer?!?!?!!?”

It’s going to be tough. 😦

Happy running!


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